A web-based item listing platform provides item listings that users can create or search. Item listings can be generated using structured information extracted while capturing an item listing video of the item. During creation of the item listing video, input prompts are provided to the user that cause a mobile device to provide an input request, such as taking an image of a specific feature of the item or providing some other item description information. During the item listing video, image recognition models may also be employed to determine other item description information, such as the color, the brand, and the like. The item listing can be generated from the item listing video by populating a set of structured data elements associated with an item description type. Each structured data element is populated with the item description information corresponding to the associated item description type.

Country: United States
Grant Date: August 22, 2023
INVENTORS: Tony Haro, Selcuk Kopru, Ellis Luk, Ashok Ramani, Vikas Singh, Valeri Yee

Ashok Ramani