Example embodiments provide a prediction-based caching system. The caching system receives an application program interface (API) request from a component of the client device. The request indicates a parameter for current requested information. The caching system causes a search of both a cache and a source for the current requested information based on the parameter. The caching system causes retrieval of the current requested information from one of the cache or the source. The caching system then transmits the current requested information to the component of the client device. The caching system also predicts a future request for information (or receives a predicted request for future information). The caching system retrieves predicted results based on the predicted request from the source, and stores the predicted results in a cache for faster retrieval.

Country: United States
Grant Date: December 3, 2019
INVENTORS: Pravin Jadhav, Vanuj Juneja, Shanmuga Priya Pandiyan

Shanmuga Priya Pandiyan