eBay Chief Technology Officer Mazen Rawashdeh Talks AI, Embracing Tech Disruption on Bloomberg Podcast

Mazen shared his perspective on emerging technology trends and how eBay is embracing the disruption, bringing new customer experiences powered by AI to the marketplace.

This week, Bloomberg Intelligence’s “Tech Disruptors” podcast featured an interview with eBay Chief Technology Officer Mazen Rawashdeh. Mazen discussed the importance and prevalence of AI to eBay’s future, saying, “AI, in my opinion, is not a product; it's an ecosystem. It touches every corner of our company.” Reflecting that ubiquity, Mazen noted eBay’s unique position in the AI space, with a hybrid strategy that brings both private and public infrastructure and technology to the platform. 

Mazen also touched on topics including the AI-influenced future of work, the immense value of having access to decades of insights and data, and the importance of security and privacy. Speaking about the rapidly evolving landscape of AI, machine learning, and blockchain technology, Mazen said: “With all that change in technology trends come changes in regulation. Data protection and privacy is something we’re keeping a close eye on, especially as a global company.”

In discussing how companies can embrace the seismic shift AI is already bringing, Mazen said: “Technology is all about disruption. And if you have a disruptive mindset, you'll come out of this a much stronger company.”

You can listen to Mazen’s episode above, or search for the Bloomberg Intelligence “Tech Disruptors” podcast on the app of your choice.