eBay Interns on Internships

One of eBay’s highlights is its rich intern program run by Suzanna Gagnier. Interns enjoy a vast variety of activities including movies and trips to Giants ball games, but that is only the beginning of the story.

In addition to learning and having fun, interns within Engineering Systems are contributing to the core infrastructure. With the help of their experienced software engineer mentors, the interns have completed challenging tasks that add value to their teams’ products.

Interns Demo

Eight of the interns held an engaging show-and-tell event for managers and directors, sharing some of the projects that they worked on during their time at eBay. Demonstrations included new IDEs, browser extensions, and tools for gathering various metrics. The projects are impressive:

  • Ethan Bao explained how his tool can analyze wastage from unused classes in jar files by extracting and displaying loaded classes from staging pools.
  • Gregory Guterman showed multiple browser extensions he built for configuring browser proxies.
  • Kelvin Nguyen presented a UI for viewing and managing eBay’s impact analysis tool, to help identify how code changes affect a set of machines.
  • Shaunak Khedkar demonstrated a tool for analyzing live eBay site errors.
  • Larry Guan showed a tool for viewing the status of builds and releases.
  • Dinesh Madavin demonstrated a GIT metrics tool.
  • Jonah Tang presented his work on a new proprietary IDE that combines all the major IDEs used internally by eBay developers.
  • Sanket Kalwit’s presentation focused on his work on the Skunkworks-winning Tagz project, a Chrome extension to provide UI Feedback.

But, as August comes to an end, so do most of the twelve-week internships; it is time for the interns to go back to school.

Intern Shooting Video

Before leaving, the interns of the Engineering Systems team wanted to share their experiences and what they learned this summer. They took it upon themselves to organize and create videos about their twelve weeks at eBay. You can hear a lot of good things in their opinions about eBay, our people, and our culture!

Click the link below to take a look at the videos on the eBayInterns channel:

eBay Interns! on YouTube

The biggest takeaway: working at eBay in the summer is a lot of fun.