Enter eBay’s 2024 University Machine Learning Competition

The annual contest is back with a fresh challenge for U.S. students.

Are you a U.S. college or university student with a knack for solving thorny problems using machine learning? Sign up for eBay’s annual University Machine Learning Competition and your skills could land you a 2025 summer internship at eBay.

eBay serves up a unique ecommerce challenge and dataset for each year’s contest, inviting qualified students to team up and find innovative solutions to the problem at hand. This time around, participants will delve into the world of eBay Motors. Their mission: Build a model that can identify which vehicles are compatible with specific parts and accessories.

This compatibility – also known as “fitment” – is a crucial factor for sellers and buyers alike. Extracting fitment data from listing titles, item specifics, and descriptions within the eBay Parts and Accessories categories is a delicate task, since the listing data often contains noisy or extraneous information.

Now in its 6th year, eBay’s University Machine Learning Competition offers top participants a shot at valuable work experience, and helps the company recruit promising new talent. Several winners have moved on to full-time roles at eBay. Last year’s competition was the biggest yet, with a total of 1,439 students from 206 different universities forming a total of 887 teams to compete.

Check out the official announcement page to learn more about the competition and how to enter.