Introducing Shop the look: eBay curating personalized outfits with AI

Powered by, fashion enthusiasts can now try a more personalized and exciting shopping experience.

As eBay continues to find ways to bring our huge selection of items to our customers, we’re creating features to both inspire and help shoppers find the items they love. This is why we are so excited about 'shop the look', our latest generative AI-powered enhancement. 

Shop the look is an immersive carousel of looks, tailored to our customers’ shopping history, complete with interactive hotspots that reveal similar items and outfit inspirations. Imagine being greeted with a curation of outfits made of new and pre-owned apparel and luxury items that speak to your style preferences. 

We designed shop the look to evolve with the tastes of our customers by taking cues from their shopping habits. Their style recommendations are made up of images and items that are personalized, ensuring a tailored fashion experience. With this approach, we offer a shopping experience that not only understands our customers' preferences, but also evolves with them over time. eBay is uniquely set up to create this kind of experience because we have decades of data and customer insights and billions of images that we can use to enrich our AI technology and create personalized, magical experiences for our customers.

Beyond personalization, shop the look is a gateway to the world of fashion for our customers, keeping them connected with the latest trends and providing access to timeless pieces from our vast breadth of inventory and selection. It’s an opportunity for shoppers to explore fashion items that will integrate naturally with their existing wardrobes.

We also recognize the importance of shopping with confidence. Shop the look is one of the many ways we are improving the user experience for enthusiasts. It allows users to visualize how potential additions will complement their current wardrobe. Similar to other fashion offerings including Authenticity Guarantee, Certified by Brand, and eBay consignment, shop the look is designed to foster a circular fashion economy, reducing barriers and empowering users to buy - and sell! - the things they love.

Launch Timeline and Expansion

Shop the look is now available in iOS for our US and UK customers, with Android coming later this year. Shoppers who have viewed at least 10 fashion items in the past 180 days will find this feature both on the eBay homepage and fashion landing page. In addition to fashion, we are exploring potential expansions into other categories. Our goal is to continuously enhance the feature with new personalization elements over the next year. 

Crafting Immersive Shopping Experiences with AI

Shop the look represents not just a step forward in online shopping but also a step deeper into our commitment to innovation, personalization, and responsible AI use. As with all our AI-powered innovations, shop the look has been developed in close collaboration with our Responsible AI team and RAI Principles. This collaboration underscores our commitment to ensuring that our technology is implemented in a manner that is fair, safe, and designed to prevent any unintended consequences. 

We're excited for our customers to experience shop the look and discover a new way to browse that's as unique as they are.