eBay Lets You See It for Yourself in Reviews

eBay engages its community through product review images.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Now, imagine that multiplied by 169 million active buyers and the potential that new flexibility with images can bring to the eBay community. Tap into the power of eBay’s community to get insights on a product you’re considering with our new feature that lets you add images to product reviews.

We all know the research and time that goes into trying to find the right product. Part of the research experience includes scouring product reviews to find out what people who bought a particular product are saying about it. But what about actually being able to see how other people are using that product? Images bring product reviews to life on eBay, providing a richer shopping experience and activating eBay’s powerful and passionate community.


These images in reviews are just one of the ways eBay is fostering a community of trust among its members and helping buyers make well-informed purchase decisions. I saw how powerful images can be when I was shopping for a bike for my 4-year-old son. While researching bikes, reviews gave me helpful insights on details, but the reviews with images actually helped me decide exactly which bike to buy. One reviewer provided images of her son (similar in age and size to my son) on the bike, making me feel confident enough to buy that model.

If you aren’t sure which product to purchase, eBay’s product reviews with images can help you make the right decision, and could even save you time and money.  In addition, product images in reviews can also provide insights to sellers on how buyers are using their products and what features matters most to them.


We make sure images in eBay reviews are appropriate by working with various teams and data scientists to automatically detect spam, profanity, and non-product related reviews or images. A trained team of moderators provide a final check on every image. Images in product reviews are currently supported in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada—including French Canada—France, Italy, and Spain, on both desktop web and mobile web, and are coming soon to our native apps on iOS and Android.

eBay was founded on the value of community and connecting people through commerce—and we’re carrying that idea forward to activate the eBay community through our product reviews platform. 




Andy Chan is a Lead Product Manager at eBay where he focuses on shopping experiences specifically around product reviews and ratings. He is passionate about building a great experience that helps users feel confident about buying the right products on eBay. Andy is a huge hockey fan and wishes he could lift the Stanley Cup.