eBay Makes It Easier to Find All the Parts You Need for That Repair

Hear from the product manager who built our latest feature that gives personalized guidance on finding the exact parts needed for your repair job or upgrade.

So you’re a motors enthusiast and just found out your fuel injection is starting to cause you problems. You know the pressure regulator on your 2010 Honda Civic is the root cause, but did you also know you need a fuel filter and pressure regulator seal to finish the job?

We are pairing machine learning with our strong product catalog to help you find exactly the parts you need to finish a repair or conduct an upgrade. It bundles listings together in a way that allows you to find everything you need to complete a project in a single listing page.

When you find the regulator that you’re looking for, you’ll now also see listings for related parts to help complete your restoration, upgrade or repair project. The recommendations are personalized to YOU. This new personalized bundling experience makes it easier for you to navigate the millions of parts and accessories listings in our marketplace and lets you shop for your car in the same way as if you went into the car manufacturer or an auto repair shop.

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While other online auto retailers may show you related parts, there’s rarely a guarantee that those parts will fit your vehicle or even fit the same repair or project. But this new eBay experience is tailored to show only recommendations for parts that fit your vehicle.

Now you can get the best of the in-store experience on eBay, as we use years of industry expertise and domain-specific data through our collaboration with WHI. Using advanced machine learning and personalization methods, we recommend the parts that fit the vehicle you are searching for and couple that with data of what others working on similar projects are searching for. With over 500 million replacement and performance part data from WHI’s catalog applied to eBay’s vast inventory, we’re able to bring the most relevant and personalized recommendations to you. So, when you start your search for that 2010 Honda Civic project, we use information that other users have provided about parts they needed in their Honda projects to suggest the most relevant parts you’ll need for your project.

The personalized bundling experience is live on desktop and mobile listing pages in the U.S.



Miwa Takaki is a Senior Product Manager at eBay, where she focuses on Algorithmic Merchandising and Research. She lives in Manhattan and is an an avid runner. Miwa recently completed the NYC Marathon with many of her colleagues, which she’s run every year since moving to the city.