Building eBay's Simpler Listing Flow

On the heels of our latest eBay app update, hear from our product manager who worked on a super fast way to list items onto our Marketplace.

How many things would you start selling if it only took seconds to list them? We've updated our listing flow to make it even simpler and faster to start selling your items on eBay. It’s the latest release in our journey to improve the seller experience. The new tool leverages our catalog–or all the information that we have about the billions of items for sale on eBay.

Now, you can get your new condition items up for sale in about 10 seconds–and primed for the millions of global buyers on our site. Our goal with this new tool is to help you quickly list those items you want to sell, giving you guidance along the way.

We’re using barcode recognition technology that identifies the UPC code and maps the same product you’re holding in your hand to a match in our catalog. From there, you’re taken straight to the listing page with all the information auto-populated. In addition to finding the item for you, eBay provides you with pricing and shipping recommendations derived from more than 20 years of buying and selling data. I think it’s an important differentiator to highlight because no other platform can offer that kind of valuable guidance to sellers. It streamlines the decision-making process and eliminates the need for you to do independent research for similar items on the site.


Our new tool is an evolution of the ability to search for a product by barcode to actually being able to list and start selling something simply by scanning a barcode. The update takes advantage of our structured data, providing insight into more than 1.1 billion listings on our site. We then pair that with historical data so that you can quickly list your items at the optimal price point.

Once your item is matched to a product in our robust catalog, we’ll provide you with a stock image of the product, and surface a recommended selling price and estimated shipping costs. You can get these recommendations on the summary page and list your item immediately.

Suddenly, that daunting pile of ‘sellable items’ is a little less scary.

Our new tool is available now on eBay's native apps for iOS and Android.