Expanding the eBay Stores Experience to Our Mobile App

The eBay Stores experience is now available on our mobile app for Android and iOS.

With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, we’re excited to expand our eBay Stores experience to our mobile app for Android and iOS. 

By bolstering our eBay Stores experience — previously only available on desktop and mobile web platforms — we are enabling sellers to own their store branding, showcase their inventory and create a more engaging experience.

We strive to ensure our customers’ experience across our eBay marketplace is simple, modern and easy to use. For our sellers, we want to continue to create innovative products that empower them and create economic opportunity for all, and for our buyers, we aim to create memorable, enduring relationships that encourage them to return to our marketplace time and time again. 

Through Stores, our goal is to help drive business for our sellers, increase their exposure and help them build a stronger, more loyal customer base through our eBay app. For our buyers, our Stores experience is an additional avenue where they can engage with a business on eBay and discover inventory from their favorite or saved sellers. 

Creating a More Streamlined Shopping Experience Through eBay Stores


The eBay Stores experience on our mobile app (Android) 

Our data shows that more than half of all marketplace transactions typically occur on our eBay app. By extending the eBay Stores platform to our app, we open the door for businesses to reach another market of customers, while creating a more streamlined shopping experience for buyers across multiple devices.  

For sellers, the Stores platform offers a diverse array of benefits, from branding to inventory display options. The expanded experience offers sellers new branding modules, where they can add their logo, create billboard banners and add more stories about their business. Sellers also have more merchandising display options, including featured listings and custom Store categories. 

The Stores platform also offers sellers more features around search engine optimization, such as adding text links in listing titles and in the left-hand navigation menu, so more buyers can find their business easily. Additionally, sellers participating in the Stores experience are eligible for 0% final value fees on transactions driven through our eBay Partner Network (EPN) affiliate marketing referral program.* 

For buyers, this boost in seller branding from the Stores experience means a more seamless, continuous customer experience across devices. Our buyers want to see who they are buying from on any device and create a relationship with the seller. This update allows buyers to create that relationship, while learning more about the business. It also allows the buyer to see the seller’s latest inventory offerings and take advantage of any available promotions. 

Adding More Features for Our Customers

Preliminary data shows that our Stores experience has seen a traffic increase from our mobile app. We’re excited by these early indications of growth and know the enhancements to the Stores experience on the eBay app will help buyers find what they are looking for this holiday season, which historically is the busiest time of the year for our seller community.

For example, the “Search within a Store” functionality will help buyers easily find what they’re looking for. The feature is also launching with more ways to increase Stores’ visibility on our eBay app and drive engagement for buyers, including: 

  • New link to Stores from the listing (view item) page;

  • Social sharing; and

  • Homepage modules highlighting recommended sellers and linking to their eBay Stores.

Sellers can edit their Store by visiting Seller Hub’s Marketing page

The Stores experience is now live in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Australia on iOS and Android.

*Currently, only available to U.S. sellers.