Introducing QR Codes for eBay Shipping Labels

With our new QR codes feature, sellers will no longer need a printer to use eBay shipping labels.

Every day, we strive to help entrepreneurs succeed in running their business online through our eBay marketplace. This fall, we launched a new QR code feature to help sellers save time and money in using eBay Labels to ship their items out to customers. With our new QR code offering, sellers will no longer need to print their eBay shipping labels at home. They can now download the QR code on their phone and visit the nearest participating post office or shipping retailer, where they can print the shipping label on the seller’s behalf. 

With this new feature, sellers can now access the benefits of using eBay Labels, like automatic tracking and shipping discounts, even if they don’t have a printer. As we continue to modernize our platform as part of the tech-led reimagination of our marketplace, product updates like digital QR codes are helping to streamline the seller experience and are important in making eBay the platform of choice for sellers. 

How It Works

Instead of printing a shipping label, sellers can receive a QR code through their email and show it at the post office, where they will print the label on the seller’s behalf and ship their item. 


The seller is notified about this option in My eBay and via email. When entering the shipping flow, the seller is guided to check for the nearest post office equipped with this feature. The seller can select a QR code as the label format and receive it via email or download it directly from the shipping flow. 


When the seller goes to the post office, they’ll show the QR code on their phone. Once the code is scanned, the post office will provide the shipping label and send the package on its way. 

If plans change, QR codes can easily be voided or reprinted at no additional cost.


Under the Hood

While the initial version involves a close partnership between eBay and USPS, we wanted to use an API integration model that would simplify onboarding other carriers in our global marketplace. By introducing a new service which receives data from our carriers and translates it into consistent-looking QR codes on the eBay Labels platform, we’re able to guarantee a consistent user experience for our sellers. 

Additionally, we used a signature-based method of authenticating the URLs so that we can attach the QR codes in emails without asking sellers to log into their eBay account, while still  ensuring that a seller can only retrieve a valid QR code for their individual label.

What’s Next

This feature is now live for all users in the U.S. for USPS domestic labels.We’re working to expand this offering to other carriers in the U.S., as well as other global markets. Additionally, we’re planning to expand the use of QR codes into our return label flows.

Shipping with a QR code is now available on desktop and mobile web experience for U.S. customers.