New Sellers: Getting Started on eBay is Now Even Easier

eBay’s new seller registration process enables anyone to start selling on our modern marketplace with all the necessary tools to reach customers around the world.

As eBay empowers people and creates economic opportunity for all, we want to make it as simple as possible to buy and sell on our global marketplace. The debut of eBay’s New Seller Registration makes getting started on our platform easier than ever, simplifying and streamlining the onboarding process so new sellers can register directly on eBay and experience the benefits of managed payments. As we strengthen our trusted marketplace, our approach toward innovation reflects our commitment to becoming a partner of choice for our sellers, and New Seller Registration is another step on this path forward.

New Seller Registration — and a New Value Proposition

With New Seller Registration (NSR), newcomers are welcomed to an end-to-end selling experience that is managed by eBay, and sellers no longer need to create a PayPal account in order to sell and get paid. Signing up for an account, listing, transacting, shipping, bookkeeping and customer service are seamlessly integrated into a single managed payments experience. Transaction status, reporting and fees, sales and payout information are all available instantly in a seller’s eBay account, with a cohesive set of protections and policies underpinning each sale.

Once a seller account is created, sellers are able to:

  • Centralize their business with a single portal for managing money and a single destination for protections and customer support services
  • Offer buyers more ways to pay, like mobile wallets and locally relevant forms of payment. Checking out is simple and intuitive in our modern marketplace, allowing buyers to focus on discovering great products they love.

How NSR Works

New Seller Registration is available for both businesses and casual sellers:

  • Business sellers should first create a business account, and then provide their business information, verify their identity and enter their commercial bank details
  • Casual sellers can simply click on “Sell” to list an item, then create a personal account at the prompt by providing identity and banking information before completing their listing

When a buyer purchases an item, eBay will seamlessly manage the payment and send the appropriate payout to the seller’s linked financial account directly, with no need for them to transfer funds.

A Rapid Rollout

Seller Registration is being rolled out now in many markets, with the goal to enable the new experience in all regions by July 2021. As eBay works to manage payments for the majority of eBay sellers this year, we will continue to enhance features that make the experience even more seamless for buyers and sellers around the world, and iterate based on both customer feedback and research metrics. We look forward to discovering new and innovative ways to enhance the shopping journey.