Want to Help Your Item Sell? Increase the Chances with eBay’s New Listing Feature

Learn how eBay’s new listing feature makes it easier for business sellers to bump up the visibility of item listings on eBay to have a better chance at selling.

When you come to eBay to list that modern-style floor lamp or that rustic farmhouse dining table, how can you give the items you’re selling a chance to stand out from the other millions of home decor listings in our marketplace? How can you give your listings that extra edge?

eBay’s new listing feature—Promoted Listings—makes it easier for business sellers to do just that, by giving sellers the option to bump up their item listing to places on eBay with more visibility, so it has a better chance of standing out and selling—faster. All it takes is a few simple clicks while listing that item. We’ll even recommend how much sellers should spend to improve the chances of sales by boosting the visibility of their listing. 

When we launched Promoted Listings for multi-quantity listings, business sellers who used it had more buyers who saw their listings and their inventory sold faster, boosting visibility by about 30% on average.* With this new feature, business sellers can use Promoted Listings for single quantity and multi-quantity listings.

And promoting a listing is effortless. To start, sellers can go to the Marketing Tab on the dashboard and pick from the drop down Promoted Listings, then select the inventory they want to promote and the percentage rate that will be taken out from the final sales price once that item has sold (starting at just 1%). Now this promoted item will be boosted so it’s more visible in search results, on the eBay homepage and on the product pages for similar items. Sellers will also get information for real-time impressions, clicks and sales coming through the Marketing tab on the dashboard, allowing them to make powerful changes to their listings to increase their sales.

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We’re using machine learning to determine exposure for each listing based on both the predicted likelihood of an item selling and the amount that a seller is willing to spend. As we see more sales go through Promoted Listings, we will be able to better predict the chances of single item sales and make sure that we in turn give that information back to the sellers to better inform their listings through trending rates.

This tool is currently live on desktop in the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Australia and will be coming to mobile and other regions soon. We’re continuing to integrate the Promoted Listings tool into the selling journey and make it even easier to use.

So, want to increase the chances of selling that item? Try Promoted Listings and ignite those eBay sales! 

*Based on data from May to June 2016. Measured on 40,000 listings that had sales before they were promoted and had promoted listings sales after they were promoted.


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Claire Xiao is a Product Manager at eBay where she focuses on seller experience. She is also very passionate about artificial intelligence and its potential application to make our everyday life easier and more efficient. She loves reading and spends a lot of time catching up on the newest tech trends. She also enjoys taking deep learning courses.