Dylan Piercey is a Senior Software Engineer with a passion for improving the developer experience, innovating the web platform, and solving complex technical problems. He is a part of the eBayUI platform team, where he contributes to many open-source projects and provides technical guidance and support across the eBay organization.


Technologies are shown for storing a data object in a distributed application architecture. Critical data in the data object is stored in an object data block on a blockchain. Noncritical data elements in the data object are stored in data block files at an address on a distributed file system, where the addresses are stored in the data block. The object data block is retrieved from the blockchain. The noncritical elements are retrieved from the file system using the address in the data block. The critical and noncritical elements are combined into a reassembled data object. The critical and noncritical data elements can be differentiated in a data definition for the data object or algorithmically analyzing data in the data object. Metadata for the data object can be stored in the object data block and utilized to combine the critical and noncritical elements into the reassembled data object.

Country: United States
Grant Date: October 31, 2023
Dylan Piercey - Senior Software Engineer

Dylan Piercey