Methods, systems, and devices for providing automatic adjustment to commission fees on a network-based marketplace. Consistent with some embodiments, a purchase offer for an item for sale is received via a user interface of a client device, the purchase offer including an offer price. Upon determining that the offer price is below a listed price, a commission fee reduction value is computed based on a difference between the listed price and the offer price. A reduced commission fee is determined based on the commission fee reduction value and a standard commission fee. Upon determining that the reduced commission fee satisfies a condition defined by a set of rules, a transaction for the sale of the item is automatically completed based on the reduced commission fee, the completing of the transaction comprising reducing the listed price by the commission fee reduction value.

Country: United States
Grant Date: August 30, 2022
INVENTORS: Yoni Acriche, Oded Deckelbaum, Parin Jogani, Satheesh Kumaresan Nair
Parin Jogani

Parin Jogani