eBay Helps Buyers More Easily Discover Competitively Priced Items

eBay recently launched a new feature that helps buyers find things easily on the Search page by highlighting competitively priced items from trusted sellers.

A core eBay advantage is the ability to offer a highly diverse and competitive selection of inventory. Buyers choose eBay for prices and selection, including brands at discount. With 1.5 billion listings to consider, eBay recently launched a new badge feature called “Great Price” that helps buyers find things easily on the Search page by highlighting items which are competitively priced from trusted sellers. “Great Price” should become a trusted signal that will help users discover good prices, narrow down their consideration set and make a purchase decision easily. 

Great Price for Brand New Items

The new badge called “Great Price” highlights items which are competitively priced amongst similar items from trusted sellers. We have seen an increase in buyer engagement with “Great Price” items that can help drive higher velocity for sellers. We are launching this feature on certain products that are high in demand, based on sales history, impressions and engagement. 

The appearance or placement of the “Great Price” badge on listings will depend on a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

  • Listings from sellers that meet Above Standard or Top Rated seller status;
  • Listings with condition new and matched to a product in our catalog;
  • Competitively priced across similar listings on eBay;
  • Item’s price and shipping cost, listing format, terms of service, history and relevance to the user query; and
  • Buyer’s Search terms, browsing site.

“Great Price” is not a paid feature and the placement of listings in search results remains subject to Best Match factors. Promoted Listings remains a separate program. If a listing qualifies for both the Promoted Listing and “Great Price” programs, the listing will show both the “Great Price” and Promoted Listing badges.

To become part of this program, we encourage sellers to adopt the eBay catalog, price your listings competitively and offer a great service for your buyers!

This feature is now live in the U.S., U.K., Germany and Australia on desktop, mobile and native apps (iOS and Android).