Search Engine Journal: How eBay’s Search Technology Helps Users Find Your Listings

Dan Fain, Vice President of Search Technology at eBay Inc., joined Kelsey Jones of the Search Engine Journal for a Marketing Nerds podcast to discuss eBay’s proprietary search technology, which helps both sellers and users in search results.

Search Engine JournalThe podcast, How eBay’s Search Technology Helps Users Find Your Listings, touches on how eBay’s evolving machine learning search technology helps users find the listings they are looking for. Dan describes the parts of each listing that eBay’s algorithm searches to contextually find the best listings for users’ searches, as well as recommend additional listings users might be interested in.

The discussion covers the following topics:

  • Whether eBay search utilizes users’ prior search behavior to influence search results
  • The top areas in a product listing that are crawled first
  • Why search is so important to eBay
  • What eBay is looking forward to in the future of our search technology
  • How eBay is treating mobile search