eBay Introduces Its New Seamless Unified Listing Experience

The new unified listing experience offers an intuitive and cohesive design across all platforms, simplifying the listing flow and enhancing seller benefits.

In today’s digital world, it seems as if we are constantly shuffling between devices, whether it be the phone in our pocket, computer on our desk or tablet when we are on the go. With all of these devices at our disposal, it’s important to have systems in place that provide the same user experience no matter the device we’re on. That’s why we have launched a new unified listing experience for our sellers that is seamless across all platforms. 

How It Works

When creating a new listing, sellers will now see a consistent listing experience whether they are on mobile, desktop or tablet. With a clean and intuitive new design, the unified listing experience offers an improved user interface with new technology behind it, providing a productive and cohesive experience for all sellers. 

We’ve updated the backend of our listing experience to be faster and more modular, which improves efficiencies and enables sellers to easily find what they need to complete a listing. Sellers will notice a refreshed user interface that helps optimize their listing by focusing on the areas that need the most attention, providing recommendations on how best to leverage eBay’s marketplace trends as well as additional guidance to help take the guesswork out of prioritizing listing elements. 

Seller Benefits

At eBay, we are always looking for new ways to improve the experience for our sellers and provide the resources needed to grow their business. Our unified listing experience does just that, giving sellers access to tools that can enhance listing images, provide pricing recommendations and save time on future listings.

Image Clean-up Now on Desktop

With the unified listing experience, sellers can now use Image Clean-up on desktop, otherwise known as the Background Remover Tool, to modify images as they list. Image Clean-up utilizes our computer vision algorithm to process the photo completely, using the processor on sellers’ desktop or mobile app to separate the foreground from the background clutter. Doing so enables them to change the background to a uniform white for a consistent look and feel, which optimizes their listing for Google Image Search and improves the shopping experience for buyers.

Saved Preferences

We understand that many of our sellers regularly list and sell the same items repeatedly. Rather than having to completely start from scratch with each new listing, our new unified listing experience lets sellers save the options they’ve selected. This will allow those options to remain selected the next time a seller is ready to start another listing, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency. This logic works with the majority of fields and is also applicable for business policies.

Competitive Insights Module

With our unified listing experience, sellers can leverage our Competitive Insights Module, which provides pricing guidance from Terapeak directly in the listing flow and in active listings. Sellers now have access to key data insights for recommendations on how to accurately price items for optimal sales results. 

The unified listing experience is now available to the majority of our business sellers across all platforms. We are continuing to evolve this experience to address the needs of our sellers as they begin to utilize these features.