eBay Virtual Tracking Number Now Live in the UK and Australia

eBay’s unique code flows through Royal Mail and Australia Post networks, automating provision of eligible tracking and event data for buyers and sellers.

In U.K., the code is embedded within the barcode, while in Australia, it stays on the address of the parcel.

We are committed to helping customers around the world get exactly what they want, when they want it. Now, eBay is making it easier for sellers and buyers in the U.K. and Australia to have visibility of their packages with ease and confidence. 

This month, we are launching eBay Virtual Tracking Number (eVTN) in the U.K. following a successful rollout in Australia earlier this year. The new feature creates a unique eBay identifier — either on the shipping label itself (in Australia) or within the pre-advice and barcode data (in the U.K.) — allowing Royal Mail and Australia Post to automatically identify them in their networks as eBay packages due to the deep integrations with these carriers.

What this means is that, for the first time, sellers using Royal Mail or Australia Post services through in-scope shipping channels don’t have to worry about forgetting to upload their tracking information back to eBay. While sellers are still highly encouraged to upload tracking information, Royal Mail and Australia Post will pick up eBay’s “virtual” tracking number and associate it with the parcel’s ID, allowing them to upload the tracking data on the seller’s behalf, with no further effort needed. In turn, buyers will be updated on the status of shipments1 posted using eligible services.2

How it Works

Picture13The new feature associates a unique code (eBay:XYZ1234) with each order at checkout, so when sellers print postage labels off-platform on eligible Royal Mail or Australia Post shipping systems, the carrier can pick up the unique code from the metadata in the address, label barcode or pre-advice. eBay is given the corresponding tracking number with no further seller intervention needed.

Directly integrated with our platform, these local carriers are able to provide eBay with available tracking and event data.2 This means that sellers using Royal Mail or Australia Post will have their tracking numbers uploaded on their behalf1 if they forget to do so themselves, creating a more seamless shipping experience.


The new feature enables eBay sellers and buyers using Royal Mail and Australia Post to have more visibility of their shipments. For sellers who do not currently upload their tracking information onto the eBay site, eVTN will automatically add it for them.1

On the other end, buyers will be able to view any available tracking and event data on eBay as opposed to tracking off-platform. The code improves the post transaction experience for buyers, increasing visibility of any eligible event data for their shipment’s journey.

On a broader scale, eVTN presents new opportunities for eBay to solve seller and third-party shipping solution behaviors with improved tracking and event data.

Sellers in the UK can find more information on eVTN, here.

Sellers in Australia can find more information on eVTN, here.

1 For Australia Post, only articles received with an electronic manifest are automatically identified. This does not apply for articles lodged over the counter, such as prepaid satchels, that sellers will still need to enter tracking numbers on eBay for.

2 Only tracking and event data visible on the Royal Mail website will be shared with eBay, and only eligible services will have tracking and event data provided. For certain services, tracking and event data will only be made available after an item has been delivered.